Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Hello all,

We've been combing the vaults and have come up with some good stuff for free downloads. There are some live recordings of The No-Gos and AKA Harlot #1 as well as some unreleased Exaspirin tracks recorded at The Invisible City in Cleveland in 2009. Also recordings of The Betty Fraud Clinic, a pre-Exaspirin/Early Humans/No-Gos/Black Eyes band, and maybe a couple of records that almost got released but didn't (like the Trooper/Epson Energy split LP). A Samuel Beckett play with music by Hand Fed Babies and a collaboration between Hugh and Bernard Keenan (of Belfast's The Killing Spree among many other bands) are also in the pipeline along with the Bird Noises session at Inner Ear for the DC Free Recording Project. We may post some old DC band recordings as well just because alot of them are tapes that may be lost to history otherwise, but that will be a secondary project. Oh, speaking of, if anyone has a clean copy of the Bubble Jug tape from 1994 or so send it my way. Likewise if anyone has a copy of the material they recorded after the split 12" with The Vestpocket Psalm on Nervous Wreck Kids.

Hot swampy August benevolence,


hisaac said...

Any updates for the downloads section? I've really been digging Horses lately, and would love to hear The Betty Fraud Clinic that you mentioned.

Ruffian Records said...

We'll be getting more stuff up soon. It's taking some time to sort through everything and alot of it is on old cassettes that need to be digitized and cleaned up. I'm hoping we'll have a few things up by early February.


Ruffian Records said...

Also we put up a few things since the post you commented on. Not sure if you checked those yet.


hisaac said...

Yeah, I've been keeping up on it. Can't wait for the new stuff!