Friday, March 12, 2010

Birds and Wires Review in Maximum Rock 'n' Roll

The Birds and Wires EP which Hugh recorded at Inner Ear and mixed at Swim-Two-Birds got a nice review in MRR with some kind words on the sound that emerged. Just for kicks it's below:

This record starts with the most amazing guitar tone-super clean and
inviting. The riff it plays carries the song right along with the busy
drums trotting into a manic frenzy - the music building and building
to an intense crescendo that lasts just long enough to appreciate it.
A great opener to introduce an incredible EP by four scene vets from
DC. The sound of this record is one of the most amazing aspects, and
the heavy vinyl and superb production really paid off as each
instrument is immaculately represented. For good reason. too--these
songs are well written and powerful as shit. Some have the genteel
approach of, say, INDIAN SUMMER or SHARKS KEEP MOVING. while others
have a more assertive sound like AMBER INN or FUGAZI. From what I
understand. there are members of 1905 and LOTUS FUCKER in the band.
Really solid indie/ emo-beautiful packaging, thick vinyl, strong
release. (RM) (Amor y Lucha)

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