Thursday, July 22, 2010

Site down and back up, other happenings

Hello all,

The Ruffian site has been inoperable for a bit due to a mistake on our end. It should be back to normal. Apologies if this caused you any trouble. The root cause was some funky e-mail settings that are being changed as we speak. If you wrote to us and didn't hear back between, oh, say May and now, drop a line and we'll look into finding your e-mail, order, etc.

In the mean time lots has been going on around at Swim-Two-Birds/Ruffian HQ the past couple months.

Cephalopods has two upcoming DC shows, one with The Evens at Fort Reno on Monday, August 2nd

and the other at The Black Cat, Saturday, August 14th with

Hume was just at Swim-Two-Birds tracking some songs for a 7" slated to be released in the fall. Vocals were tracked by Hays Holladay who mixed the two songs. They sound rad. The band heads out on the road really soon in support of their new EP on Sockets, "Penumbra".

Big ups, as always, to Sean and all the good work he does. Head over to Sockets for more on that. I hear, by the way, that there is more and more exciting news from The Cornel West Theory. Keep yr eyes and ears open.

The Chance
finished overdubs and vocals at Swim-Two-Birds last week right after the Hume sessions. The record should be mixed in the fall.

BLDGS and Noon:30 have tracks mixed for the upcoming Sockets/Ruffian split 7" series. More on that soon.

Imperial China is coming in to record a track or two at Swim-Two-Birds next week for the same series.

I know we've been talking about this forever. It's coming. Good food takes time to grow and cook.

That's all for now.


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hisaac said...

I was really quite worried you guys had shut down. I'm so glad that's not true.