Monday, March 28, 2016

Ruffian e-mail account hacked, spamming, and all around lameness

Hello all,

With apologies I write to you that my ruffian account was hacked/infected/compromised and apparently sent all kinds of dreadful spam everywhere. SPAM EVERYWHERE!

What this means in practical terms is that

a) you may have been spammed by our e-mail address

b) you may have written an e-mail to me that never received a response some time over the last year (including a couple people wanting us to check out their music or give them advice about DC because they were moving here...sorry!)

c) I'm just seeing a lot of correspondence from the last year.

Don't worry, I don't have any of your personal information unless for inexplicable reasons you gave it to me by e-mail, so this shouldn't be an issue for anyone who is still paying attention to what little happens over here.

Also, apologies to those who were spammed or inadvertently ignored. I didn't not write back because I didn't like you. I just didn't know you had reached out.

Happy spring, folks.


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