Thursday, June 26, 2014

Second Annual Report

Hello all, I hope midsummer is treating you well.

As usual, more has been going on than we've been posting about, so here is the semi-regular, annual-ish update...

The Priests record we worked on last year is out on Don Giovanni and Sister Polygon and the band is on the road. Kevin and I tracked three of the four songs at Inner Ear Studio and Kevin and the band did additional recording and mixing at Swim-Two-Birds. The balance of the record was recorded by Kyle Johnson at Fancy Time Studio. It's a good record, they're good people. Check it out. Oh wait, you probably already did 'cause it's everywhere (including here?!).

Kevin just tracked a couple songs for Cigarette, a DC band you should check out. It's probably my favorite music by them and it sounds beautiful. Release plans TBD, I believe.

Kevin and I also tracked an album for The Black Sparks, who come highly recommended by us as well. Kevin and the band are continuing work on the record at Swim-Two-Birds over the summer.

The studio is seeing a lot more action than the label right now, as you might have guessed. Here's a picture of it: 

As for the label, we don't have any concrete plans for releasing anything right now. Our jobs, the studio, and growing vegetables make it hard to devote the time and energy to Ruffian that an active label requires. We are still filling orders, though that process isn't going to be as fast as ordering from an actual business. While I'm on summer vacation from teaching, however, I'm hoping to make some changes to the website and make the catalogue and other material available online again. The website is currently down, so you aren't reading this unless you are linking directly to us through Blogger. 

Since you asked (?), the vegetable growing is going well: 

intensive multi-season cropping on a small scale


It feels kind of full-circle from my teenage Food-Not-Bombs days when I used to drive to the DC Farmer's Market by Union Station every Thursday to pick up end-of-the-day vegetables from farmers who didn't want to haul home a 40 lb. bag of okra, or whatever it was they were cool to give to some teenagers who wanted to feed people. Friday night we hit the bakeries for their day-old bread. Saturday morning we figured out what to make with whatever ingredients we had ("How do you cook okra? Anyone?") and hauled it down to Lafayette Park or Dupont Circle. I also got a sweet pair of steel-toed boots for $10 at the market. What were they doing there? I don't know, but in retrospect the couple years of Food-Not-Bombs work was more transparently formative than I probably have given it credit for. 

Since you've made it this far, here are some photos of Priests recording at Inner Ear that I forgot to post before:

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