Tuesday, June 30, 2009


Thanks everyone who's been downloading the free EPs we posted this month. We, um, used 180% of our traffic allowance this month which has necessitated upgrading our web hosting. The bad thing is that this is a little pricey (cough, cough, buy records, ahem). The good thing is we will now have tons more space and a really big traffic allowance so look forward to more free records online. It may take a wee bit because we're doing some big work in the studio (there's a 1969 Ampex 8- track and a mono record cutting lathe that need setting up and some new monitors and a PA speaker repair to attend to and...) but I'm hoping to put up some records recorded here or elsewhere that never saw a commercial release or only saw a limited CD-R run. There may be some live shows as well. We'll see what turns up in the vaults as we dig through them (and my boxes and boxes of cassettes under the coffee table).

All best,


Anonymous said...

I'd like to hear any of the Trooper recordings and the Black Eyes demos. I used to have a dub of the Black Eyes demos but it's gone.

Ruffian Records said...

We're collecting a bunch of stuff from back in the day for downloads. Those are definitely on the short list.