Monday, July 6, 2009

Website down! Upcoming Shows!

UPDATE 2: Looks like it's all fixed but if you see anything funky let us know.

UPDATE: The site's back up but there is something preventing some of the graphics from displaying. I'll hopefully get it sorted today or tomorrow.

Apologies to everyone but a friend in Japan tells me by way of Sean who was in Berlin that the parent website of this blob went down some time before independence day (the parents are always the last to know...and from abroad, no less). This seems to have been a result of the upgrades we did. I am working on getting it back up today. It will be awesome, for real.

Also awesome, Sonic Youth tonight (and tomorrow) at the 9:30 club. But if you can't go there, Fort Reno has a show tonight as well (lookee here).

Also at Fort Reno on Thursday is the very awesome Imperial China. In fact, go to Fort Reno every Monday and Thursday you can until July 30th when the sadly short season ends, just don't bring alcohol, drugs, glass bottles, balloons or arsenic. Kids, dogs, frisbees, blankets and sweethearts encouraged, though.

Keep the faith, and spread it gently,

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