Monday, November 16, 2009

New Downloads finally! Sockets and Ruffian team up to release Imperial China album and local comp

Hello all,

There's some big news around here (some of which you may have hear over at Sockets -- Sean, please bring me back a krar from Ethiopia). First is the old new news:

There are a few new downloads available on the free downloads page ( It's 1996 revisited! The first is the tracks from a never released split 7" between Hugh and Saran's old band A.K.A. Harlot #1 and the second is some unreleased Vestpocket Psalm tracks from a basement session engineered by Hugh on a cassette 8 track back in 1996.

UPDATE! We've added the Exaspirin sessions from Invisible City in Cleveland from 1999. Enjoy!

More soon.

The bigger news is that we're teaming up with Sockets to release the Imperial China album "Phosphenes" next spring. More on that soon.

We're also teaming up with Sockets and some of the finest bands in Washington to release a local compilation LP. It's gonna be beautiful and we're already plotting with the bands in mad potluck brainstorming sessions.

Space is the place,

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