Sunday, February 7, 2010

Been some time

Apologies for the lack of news. It's not for lack of things going on.

1) Sockets threw a showcase at the Black Cat which included a number of the bands with releases coming up on Sockets and Ruffian, including BLDGS, Imperial China, and Hume, as well as Big Gold Belt (Sockets) and the indomitable Cornel West Theory (Sockets). It was a blast and alot of people turned up. We also had the forthcoming Imperial China album Phosphenes (Sockets/Ruffian) for sale. It will be available digitally soon and they will have copies on tour. Street date for the CD release is March 9th. Tour is early March with dates posted soon.

2) As I'm writing this from the control room at Swim-Two-Birds, Laughing Man is warming up in the live room for some very live recordings for the forthcoming Sockets/Ruffian comp. There's a viola player in there. I'm excited.

3) Ruffian now has a facebook page and a twitter feed. Look out world! I actually have no idea
how to direct you to them as they're totally new and I am terrified of the internet (as you may have guessed from the frequency of news posts here over the years). More on that soon.

4) They wouldn't have been possible but for the efforts of Liz Bennett, stalwart interfacer with technology who will be Ruffian social media secretary.

5) Also back on the team is Andy Aylward who will be handling the website and posting new downloads. Some records that are out of physical print will be made available for free and taken off iTunes, etc. There may be some video footage as well.

6) Keith Midkiff is now Ruffian's agricultural consultant. More on what this means over the course of the year.

7) Yes, there are secret plans.

8) DC is a really wonderful place to be right now. There is snow on the ground, Swim-Two-Birds has been full of good people lately, and there are more good bands playing than you can shake a stick at despite what some sour layabouts and voyeurs might say. We're glad to be swimming around in all this good creativity and to be doing it with such good folks as mentioned in this e-mail and countless others. I often wonder where the "DC sucks" sour grapes comes from. Things may go underground from time to time but I've never feel that the communities of creative artists, musicians, activists, and supporters flag in their work, communication, and support of each other. Difficult fun is hard to find, and empty fun is easy. So if you are here, enjoy it. If you're elsewhere, come visit.

9) Cephalopods has our first show booked. March 26th, Velvet Lounge DC, w/Imperial China.

Back under the blankets,

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hisaac said...

I am very excited for all the new stuff!